Chinese New Year Holiday Notice:

18th Jan - 24th Feb
  • Fluorite perfume bottle Necklace, approx 16-60mmround Green Angelite beads, approx 6mm diacopper letter-B beads paved zircon, cube, gold plated, approx 8.5mm, 4mm holemixed Gemstone pendant with 2loops, faceted hexagon, approx 16mm diablue Aquamarine connector, faceted oval, approx 10-14mmround matte white pearlized shell beads, approx 8mm diablack tibetan DZi oval beads, eye, approx 10x30mmblue Onyx Agate beads, faceted teardrop, top-drilled, approx 7mmblue turquoise stretchy bracelet, round, dye, approx 8mm bead, 60mm diablue Apatite Beads, round, approx 6mm dianatural Coal Crystal Beads, round, approx 8mm diaChrysocolla beads, faceted round, approx 3mm diacopper pendant paved zircon, tree of life, gold plated, approx 11.5mmcopper flower connector paved zircon, black plated, approx 20mm diacopper crown connector paved zircon, black plated, approx 15-20mmmixed Gemstone perfume bottle Necklace, approx 28-40mmgreen Aventurine pendant with tree of life, rose gold, approx 40mm diaround matte Amazonite beads, approx 10mm diacopper rondelle beads paved zircon, black plated, approx 10mm diaNatural pearl pendant with zircon, moon, approx 14-20mmcopper butterfly pendant paved zircon with 2loops, gold plated, approx 15-23mmcopper heart pendant paved zircon with 2loops, rose gold, approx 12-15mmcopper heart connector pave zircon, platinum plated, approx 12-15mmcopper Key charm pendant pave zircon, rose gold, approx 16-32mmcopper crown pendant pave zircon with 2loops, platinum plated, approx 8-16mmcopper cross connector pave zircon, black plated, approx 14-26mmcopper butterfly connector pave zircon, black plated, approx 15-21mmChinese Amazonite bullet beads, approx 12-27mmmixed gemstone egg pendant with sterling silver bail, approx 9-14mmwhite Conch Shell Rings, gold plated, approx 12-20mmblue Turquoise hamsahand pendant, gold plated, approx 18-30mmblue Turquoise nugget connector, freeform, gold plated, approx 20-23mmmixed Gemstone pendant, freeform, gold plated, approx 8-12mmnatural Tourmaline Beads, faceted rondelle, approx 4mmround green Agate Beads, approx 8mm diaFimo Polymer Clay Heishi Beads, mix color, approx 6mm diablue Striped Agate Beads, faceted round, A grade, approx 8mm diaDogtooth Amethyst beads, round, approx 8mm diafaceted round spotted Dalmatian Jasper beads, approx 10mm diaround natural black agate Onyx Beads, 8mm dia, 15.5 inchesnatural Silver Leaf Jasper beads, faceted round, approx 8mm diaChinese River stone Jasper beads, faceted round, approx 8mm diapurple Amethyst nugget pendant paved rhinestone, freeform, approx 15-35mmTiger eye stone crescent pendant, gold plated, approx 5-16mmnylon wire bracelet chain with tassel, mixed color, approx 5mm, 15cm longrose golden Hematite beads, faceted rondelle, approx 3x6mmpurple Amethyst crescent moon pendant, gold plated, approx 5-18mmClear Crystal Glass buddha pendant, gold plated, approx 35-45mmcopper oval beads pave zircon, hollow, mixed color, approx 15x20mmMorganite Beads, faceted round, A-grade, mixed color, approx 8mm diacopper octopus beads pave zircon, rose gold, approx 6-10mmGlass crystal star pendants, gold plated, approx 35mmfreshwater Pearl beads, 24k gold plated, approx 11mmcopper clasp pave zircon, black plated, approx 7-14mmround Lava stone beads, silver electroplated, approx 8mm diaround Ocean Agate Beads, color treated, approx 8mm diaLabradorite oval pendant, approx 9-11mmAustralian Chrysoprase Beads, round, approx 6mm diaround Australian Chrysoprase beads, green, approx 6mm diaround Strawberry Quartz beads, pink, approx 8mm dia